Birthday Dinners, Good-Byes, and New Beginnings…

As my birthday month comes to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on how my month went! I am so Thankful and Blessed to see another year. I spent my birthday having a small dinner with friends where I wore this polka dot ensemble from

 This was definitely a fashion steal as I only paid $13.00 for this two piece! 

 What’s a birthday without cake, ice cream, and gifts!? Between my children, friends and other family members, they made my birthday very special! 🙂 

  Started a new chapter in my life as I turned the page in closing of my previous career! I have survived 2 full weeks of Graduate School and I must say that I am excited to see what else God has in store for me!  
   For the next year and a half to two years these will be my most prized accessories! 🙂 #yayme 

  Headed to class last week! #PeekaBlue!  

   All the way back to the first day of class! 
August 2015 has been a month to remember, I hope you dolls have remained Fabulous… ~XO #sugarlipsandstyletips 

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