It’s a Mickey Mouse and Tulle skirt kind of day!! 

With seeing all the previews for Cinderella lately, I’ve been in touch with my love for Disney! At one point in my life I tried to act like a “grown up” so I told myself that I wouldn’t purchase anymore Mickey Mouse/Disney things. Well I never told my mom this so she continued to buy any and everything that has Mickey Mouse on it! I finally just said who am I kidding, Mickey is a part of who I am and he really makes me happy… So the moral of the story is embrace your inner child and ROCK whatever you want (Some restrictions may apply, but use your best judgement! Lol

Today I rocked this vintage Mickey sweater, a tulle skirt, and this fabulous Mickey and Minnie purse that my mom got me for Christmas! A bold red lip from Kaoir of course! 😉 How do you dolls feel about this look!?~XO #sugarlipsandstyletips 

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