Pops of color! 

Pops of Color on my lips!!! Working at Ulta Salon we can only wear black and white to work (boring for someone that loves color)… So I add color the best way that I know how… With accessories such as lipstick, jewelry, and this cool hemp cord and copper wire that I got from hobby lobby!! How do you dolls add your pops of color to your life!?~XOXO #sugarlipsandstyletips pool party #kaoir I mixed colourpop Scrooge and relentlessly red by Mac 
Tropic Tonic #mac 

7 thoughts on “Pops of color! 

  1. Tropic Tonic looks so good on you! I’m about the same color as you, if not a little lighter but I could NEVER pull off a lipstick so bright. Do you wear a lip liner with that or did you just wear it as-is?

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