Obsessed with lipstick πŸ’„and fishtail braids! πŸ 

Hey Sugars!!! I hope you dolls have had a fantastic week! I have been on spring break from classes and I must say it has been a great, much needed break! This fishtail braid has been one of the best go to lazy hair days look, and has definitely come in handy this week as I have put very little effort into anything. Lol. So I am now adding fishtail braids to my list of new obsessions along with ColourPop! Ahhhhh. Head on over to http://www.colourpop.com to see what my new found love for these lippies are all about! See you dolls there! 😘 ~XO #sugarlipsandstyletips  

  This Lippie is called Panda! 😍  

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